In New York City apartments that are subject to rent-control or rent-stabilization laws, certain family members are allowed to take over the apartment after the tenant of record moves out or dies.

If the remaining family member has lived in the NYC apartment continuously for two years prior to when the tenant of record moves out or dies, the family member is allowed to take over the existing lease for a rent-stabilized unit and then become the named tenant for the renewal lease or become the tenant of record if the apartment is rent-controlled. That time period is reduced to a period of one-year if the family member is elderly or disabled.

There are rules which define who will qualify for succession rights in New York City tenancies and ways to make succession claims.

New York City landlords will often refuse to accept succession claims and commence a legal action to gain possession of the apartment.  Contact the Law Offices of Attorney Eric Feinberg for assistance in upholding your succession claims.