Non-Payment Proceedings

In these tough economic times, not having enough money to pay rent is not uncommon. If you are being sued by your landlord because you owe many months of rent, having the ability to hire an attorney to represent you is difficult. More than 85% of tenants who appear in landlord tenant court in the City of New York do not have lawyers representing them. All this being said in the best of all worlds you should have an attorney represent you. You might be able to find an attorney at no cost from a Legal Aid or Legal Service provider. However, because there are so many more people who need free legal representation than there are attorneys to provide such free legal representation it is possible that you will not be able to find an attorney to represent you at no cost.

If you are in financial distress and are unable to pay back rent owed to your landlord, hiring an attorney like the Law Offices of Eric Feinberg is still an option. Mr. Feinberg can make arrangements to pay him on a sliding scale. By hiring Mr. Feinberg he can help get you the best agreement with your landlord to pay back the monies owed over time. Sometimes he can reduce the amount owed and can possibly work with city agencies to have that agency pay some or all of the tenant’s rental arrears.