Consumer Bankruptcy

The Law Offices of Attorney Eric Feinberg provides consumer bankruptcy assistance to New York City area residents including:

  • Chapter 7 (Individuals)
  • Chapter 13 (Individuals)
  • Chapter 11 (Commercial & Individuals)

When you’re drowning in credit card debt or medical bills, are behind in your mortgage, facing eviction or foreclosure and losing your home, and feel like there is no way out, stop, take a breath, and realize that there are things that can be done. There is a way to stop foreclosures and evictions, late night calls, creditor harassment, IRS wage garnishment, lawsuits and judgments, and frozen bank accounts.
Filing for Bankruptcy can stop all your creditors in their tracks from coming after you. Bankruptcy can change your life for the better. Through a bankruptcy proceeding you can discharge debt, reorganize debt, obtain a loan or mortgage modification and save your home.  It can help you get back on your feet, gain control of your finances and get a new start.

Here’s the thing, if you are in such dire straits that you can’t pay your bills or are in danger of losing your home, bankruptcy can be a life-saver. True, bankruptcy will ruin your credit, but the fact is your credit is already ruined. Your sanity, your family’s financial future depends on you swallowing your pride and do whatever is necessary to get rid of debts like credit cards and medical bills. There is life after bankruptcy, and many people regret not making the decision sooner.

Bankruptcy should not be the first option, but if you are unable to make deals with your credit card company or secure a loan modification from the bank that owns your mortgage, you should consider bankruptcy.

As an attorney practicing in New York City for 25 years, The Law Offices of Attorney Eric Feinberg can help you determine whether bankruptcy is an option and a way to eliminate or reduce your debt by filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Under Chapter 7 you can eliminate most of your debts, while under Chapter 13, you can restructure you debt obligations into payments you can afford. What type of bankruptcy makes sense for you depends on your unique situation.

If you are drowning in debt, and/or are in danger of losing your home in the NYC area, you need to contact The Law Offices of Attorney Eric Feinberg to discuss whether bankruptcy might be the answer to your financial woes.  There is no cost for an initial consultation.